Online MSN Educator Programs – Top 5 CCNE Accredited Schools

Online MSN Educator Programs – Top 5 CCNE Accredited Schools

    Online MSN Educator Programs are becoming exceedingly popular all over the world. Actually, the main reason behind that is the shortage in qualified MSN educators. It’s even that a lot of nursing applicants to the job, are immediately refused at the jobs because they didn’t get a CCNE accredited degree. There are only a few MSN educators in the current workforce because most of the older educators are now retiring. In addition to that this profession doesn’t seem attractive for nurses who are already paid more in the clinical field jobs. That all has to lead to this position to be on high demand.
    If you like to become an MSN educator and hold the upcoming nursing workforce in your hands, then you can choose among the many Online MSN Educator Programs. It’s crucial to recognize, however, that the salaries for this profession (an average of just $65,000) are significantly less than for other nursing specializations. Yet, career satisfaction is usually much higher.
    If you are thinking about becoming an MSN educator, studying online is one of your best options nowadays. Online programs enable you to proceed in your current family and career lives and committing to your regular obligations while you are studying for your degree. Additionally, the institution you are currently working for may sometimes help you with the tuitions. Not mentioning that there are multiple grants and scholarship programs available out there for this type of high-demand certification.

    Top 5 Online MS Educator Programs – CCNE Accredited

    Listed below is a list of what we at 101 Online Degrees consider the best 5 Online MSN Educator Programs that are certified by the CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). This indicates that these universities obey the 9 rules as established out by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.
    1. South University
    2. Sacred Heart University
    3. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
    4. Capella University
    5. Florida State University

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